• 7 Keys To Embracing Speedwork

    It is clear that speedwork is an important part of a proper training program. It allows you to run faster than you otherwise could and run at slower paces with greater ease. Whether you are chasing a personal record or just want make your running a little easier, speedwork should be a component of your […]

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  • Improving Mental Toughness Using a Heart Rate Monitor

    Using a heart rate monitor can be a tremendous advantage to help you reach your full potential. Most commonly, heart rate monitors are used to dictate a certain training intensity. However, heart rate monitors have much greater potential for improving your running when you understand how to use them as an assessment tool. Once you […]

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  • Cross Country is Here!

    It is the start of cross country season! Young runners take to roads, parks and trails eager to get outside as summer recedes and confinement to classrooms begins. The enthusiasm is palpable and different from that of track. It is youthful, hopeful, optimistic, contagious and refreshing. It helps cross country runners believe their running is […]

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